CoroCorriente (Coro is Spanish for Choir, Corriente is Spanish for flowing or running; a current of water)


Corriente is a choir intended for young singers who have had some prior singing experience, have demonstrated the ability to match pitch and are ready to move on to 2-part singing. These treble choir members exhibit a level of comfort using their voices. Students will receive instruction on healthy vocal technique, sight-reading skills, theory, and musicianship skills. There will be continued emphasis on attention span, quiet concentration and team building in the rehearsal as well as instruction in basic choral techniques.


Rehearsals: Tuesdays 4:30-5:30 PM

DeSoto Hills Baptist Church

4680 Getwell Road

Southaven, MS 38672


Reese & Joelle Norris, Conductors

Melinda Brown, Accompanist


Annual tuition: $550 ($55 for 10 months: August- May)