The following is a list of Frequestly Asked Questions that we often receive about CoroRio. We hope that it is helpful to you as you begin familiarizing yourself witht the organization. Please feel free to contact us at any time if you have any additional questions! (cororio@gmail.com)

What is the difference between MidSouth Music Institute, Inc. and CoroRio?

The MidSouth Music Institute, Inc. is the non-profit umbrella organization under which CoroRio operates. CoroRio is an educationally based choral ensemble program. Participants learn healthy vocal technique, sight-reading, and music theory while experiencing performance excellence. The learning environment is creative, explorative, and fun. The students form lasting relationships with others outside of their community and develop a lifelong appreciation of music. CoroRio is also the name of the premier treble choir.


Where does the name CoroRio come from?

CoroRio is Spanish for River Choir. Since we are located near the Mississippi River, we felt that this name was quite fitting....River Singers was already taken, so we just translated and...voila! CoroRio was born.


Do CoroRio choirs meet year long?

The choirs rehearse from August-May. Touring will generally be done during the summer months, immediately after school releases.


What kind of time commitment does CoroRio require?

Rehearsals take place once a week (Tuesdays) and range in time from 45 minutes to 90 minutes depending on the choir. The choirs all perform two major concerts in the community and may have 2-3 additionally scheduled performances throughout the year (ball games, private parties, social group meetings, etc.).


What kind of traveling will the members of CoroRio do?

CoroRio tours domestically and internationally on an annual basis. The tours are open to CoroArroyo, CoroRio, and CoroFuente for performance opportunities and to members of CoroCorriente for experience as space is available. Tours are not required.


Is there a tuition for students who want to sing with CoroRio?

Tuition ranges from $50/month to $65/month based on the choir. There is also a $40 registration fee.


Will fundraising opportunities be available for CoroRio members?

Yes, students will have various opportunities to fundraise throughout the year to help offset the cost of their tuition. We have had several students fundraise their entire annual tuition through our lucrative fundraisers.


Do you offer a discount for families with multiple children participating in the MMI choir programs?

Families with 3 or more children are given a discount. Please contact the Executive Director for more information.


What if my child makes a CoroRio choir but our family cannot afford the full tuition?

Tuition assistance is available on a limited basis, as the MMI budget allows. Applications may be obtained by emailing Joelle Norris, Executive Director, at info@CoroRio.org. After receiving a completed application, it will be presented at the next board meeting where the Board of Directors will consider the application and thereafter the Executive Director will notify the family of the decision. All tuition assistance requests remain confidential and are presented anonymously to the MMI Board of Directors. Only the Executive Director has access to these completed applications. If assistance is granted, the child and parent will be asked to assist with a MMI project. The MMI Board of Directors are committed to helping every family make CoroRio a possibility regardless of their financial situation. Please be sure to be in communication with the Executive Director about how we can best help you.


When and how will we find out the audition results?

The auditions results will be emailed to the address on file no later than 2 weeks after the auditions are completed.


Where can I find recordings of each CoroRio choir?

Many recordings of our past concerts can be found on our YouTube channel, search CoroRio at www.youtube.com.